About JIRO.

"That" craft burger shop in Matsugaya, Taito-ku.

Crispy buns and 100% juicy beef patties are popular

Craft Burger & Grill JIRO is the most delicious craft burger shop in Matsugaya, Taito-ku! I think there are many people who think that. The secret to the deliciousness of JIRO burgers is [patties] and [buns]. Our special sauce is applied to the crispy buns baked in the oven, and the patty using 100% beef, which is characterized by the meatiness that the gravy overflows every time you chew, fresh vegetables, and your favorite toppings match perfectly If you eat a bite, you will surely be captivated. The juicy taste becomes a habit! There are many customers who come to visit us many times.

Menus other than burgers are also made with particular attention to each one. Even the marinade of olives on the dinner menu is a gem that feels particular about the taste. "I didn't know that the Dina menu was so delicious! I wanted to know sooner, "said the lunchtime regulars.

Gourmet burger lovers, doggy lovers, [delicious things] lovers, please try our specialty dishes.


Introducing craft burgers, charcuterie for dinner menu, etc.

Avocado cheeseburger is the most popular item in the shop

  • アボカドチーズバーガー

    Avocado cheeseburger

    990 yen

  • サルサバーガー

    Salsa cheeseburger

    990 yen

  • Trippa and Pak Chi salad

    700 yen

  • sirloin steak

    1,500 yen


We have prepared craft beer and wine that go well with burgers and meals.

We sell rare beers that you can not see at the store

Q & A

Craft Burger & Grill JIRO Question collection

We will answer questions from customers

What payment methods can be used?
Credit cards and various types of pay are available.
Is there a parking lot?
There is no parking, so please use a coin parking nearby.
Is it okay to enter the store with a large dog?
There is no problem with large dogs, so please come and visit us.
Can you charter it?
If you make a reservation up to 3 days in advance, you can also use a charter.

Please see the access method


Store name

Craft Burger & Grill Jiro

Street address

Euheim Kume, 2-31-7 Matsugaya, Taito-ku, Tokyo

phone number
business hours

11:30 〜 22:00

Regular holiday

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The owner of Craft Burger & Grill Jiro, a hamburger shop in Taito Ward, is a genuine chef who has seen a cooking site since his childhood, running a tavern. Are all sure.
You can enjoy authentic cuisine from lunch burgers to dinner dishes in a casual cafe-style restaurant.